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More NPCs
More "average joe" types walking around

If it wouldn't be too big of a burden on the system, would it be feasible to boost the number of NPCs walking around? I'm imagining a lot more of the "average joe" types, bums, worker bees, pickpockets, etc. Types that don't make the grade with the gangs/corps/judges but are still grinding out a living in the Mix/Topside.

I try my best to maintain the RP of a crowded city, and I think most of us do, but it's easy for the mind to just see "2 pc and 1 npc in room" and go "yup, there's 4 people here counting me."

I really like the way the current NPCs walk around, go to bars, use the elevators and the levs, and I'm imagining a scenario where we have like 4X as many of them wandering around, could make the city feel a lot more alive.

Could even have it set up so that the gangs/judges occasionally stop them and harass them to show ID or shake them down for their extra flash.

I don't know the game load of this, but I do like this idea. It would help it be harder to just walk down a street and be like "oh hey, thats a ganger, thats a judge, thats some crazy murderer". It would also let people disappear into crowds, so to speak. While some areas don't need more NPC's, just having more people walking the streets to RP and just have around would be nice.


What about something more generic, like a player-colored indicator saying that people are present.

Like, you would see:

"Player X is standing here. Player Y is standing here.. A crowd of people are ordering drinks at the bar."

And then in you "l a crowd" you get something like "A mixture of well dressed club-goers pack the area, making it hard to walk."

The coloration/position next to individual characters will force you to acknowledge the presence of other people every time you look at the room description.

That's a good idea too!

Honestly, if you read the ambient pop messaging that already exists in practically every outdoor location you go to, you're given cues about density and activity.