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More pet commands
Escorting and tricks!

With the escort command in place, there should be an option to get your pet (or NPC follower) to escort you instead of just following. It'd also be pretty cool if one could teach one's pet simple emote-only tricks, like rolling over or begging, although that may be a bit more complex and possibly prone to powergamey abuse.

Escorting, maybe. Seems the only good use for it is to get your pet dead before you.

Emoting? :laughs as his dog rolls over.

Problem solved.

You know what escorting stoves? Goddamn motherfucking elevators. I spent somewhere around ten, fifteen minutes last night trying to get my dog up to my apartment.

Solves. Ahem.

to dog Escort me.

Skipper Dog rolls over and sniffs its butt.

Maybe the PC needs to pass a skill check.

Other commands that'd be handy to code:

Fetch : has your dog get something in the room and give it to you, for those times you're feeling lazy (could be done with poses I guess, but this is much more satisfying.)

Search: Has your dog sniff out the area around you. Points out or fetches anything he finds.

Escort would definitely be useful with npc followers (including but not limited to pets) for getting around those pesky elevator doors and quick closing gates. I've had to xhelp in the past to get an npc past a particularly fast-to-close gate after about 20 minutes of trying various techniques to improve the odds of success.

Search also seems viable given it is an existing command. At least from where I stand although I doubt it is ranked high on the list of things to add at the moment given your characters innate ability to search themselves.