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More taxi stops
make them cabbies know a little more about the city.

Some of the places I can think of just off of the top of my head that they don't stop.  Or I havn't been able to make them stop that they maybe should are:  Deji Pachi, Ashland-knife apartments.  Southside connection, Sly's,  any and all of the mag lev stations.   I'm sure I could sit here alot longer to think of others but ya.. I'll let everyone discuss that.

Adding new stops to the travel matrix isn't the easiest of things, but I will bring this up, I did see someone working on it the other day, so it may be that it's already been addressed.

I think Johnny added some locations and made it so other locations are easier to request a taxi to go to due to the naming.

This was yesterday.

I added a lot more aliases to the existing destinations, so for the street corners, you can be a lot looser with the reference:

lamb and ashlin
ashlin and lamb
ashlin and lamb's wake

I will eventually get to adding new destinations. Note that you don't need to exact places a lot of the time in red, as the corners will get you 1 or 2 moves from where you want to go already.