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More Weapon Suggestions
Feel free to add more!

Just to get us started, because why not:

Sai parrying dagger

A three-pointed sai, with one long blade in the middle and two prongs to either side that curve at the tip like horns. The handle is wrapped in strips of black synthleather.

Bowie knife

A stout single-edged all-American hunting knife with part of the back edge curved concavely to a point and sharpened, it's a silhouette one could recognize anywhere.

Ceramic tanto

An onyx-black diamond-shaped short blade attached to a long, thin handle with a ring pommel.


A hundred centimeters of folded steel curves out from a long, leather-wrapped handle made to be held in two hands. A meter and a half in total, this single-edged sword is a weighty weapon.

Trash can lid

If it works it works. More for defending oneself than anything else, this dented metal disc has a simple metal handle and a 2-inch-thick rim.

Shuko hand claws

Four sharp, hooked metal claws jut out of the palm of this fingerless synthleather glove. Useful in a variety of martial arts, but especially ninjutsu.

Triple-claw tekko kagi

Three wicked sharp claw-like blades jut out from a central handle, with another strap further down to help keep the weapon in place at the wrist.

A roll of coins wrapped in paper

It's the only thing the American dollar is good for anymore. If gripped tightly in a fist, these will add some weight to your punch.

Makeshift cattle prod

Craftable weapon

Skill: electro_tech

Ingredients: Battox powercell, lead pipe, electronic scrap

A battery duct taped to the end of a pipe, with two metal prongs sticking out the end. Bits of rubber wrap around the handle to keep the user... Well, *mostly* protected from the shocks.

I've always liked the idea of weapons almost entirely for defensive use over attacking, horrible for offense while being much better at parrying blows than something else of its skill class.

Something I've always wanted is more cheap blunt weapons on par with butterfly knives or the like. More for variety than anything. A wrench, a (small) hammer, a mop, mostly things that would be noted as 'improvised weapons' normally.

Nunchaku would be a cool addition I think, similar class of weapon as something like, say, a bo staff. Stylish.

An old fashioned unfolding razor could be a cool knife option. Fire axes would be an awesome step up from hatchets.

Not a weapon, strictly, but something like a garrote wire that speeds up choking someone out would be extremely useful, and themely.

Power tools such as...


Angle grinder

Chainsaw lance

Power drill

Cement saw

Lawnmower with the steering handle replaced with a grip handle so it'd be used as a shield, Captain America style with the blade facing outward.


The WASP Injection Knife is designed to inject high-pressure gas into a wound cavity through a hole in the blade, rather than using gas to propel the blade forward. This is said to expand and freeze the wound, inflicting more damage to the target.