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Music industry

Maybe this would be pointless, but it would be cool to have some audio only devices.

By this I mean something like an ipod/mp3 player. You'd have headphones, a volume control. If you had the volume way up, you'd essentially be ignoring everyone else.

You could download songs off the Grid a la iTunes. Songs would be written in BabbleScript.

Musicians would actually be able to make a living by selling there songs, through something like the memory modules you stick in an e-note or by 'uploading' them to the Grid.

You could even record 'radio programs', like podcast type things. It would be audio only though, so you'd see your commuting corpies plugged in to their favorite talk show, or listening to the newest hardcore jazz trance.

Hell, you could have hi-fi stereo systems built in to the classiest apartment complexes complete with visual effects....ahhh...

I thought about this a little more and it occurred to me, when cyberware comes out the need for a hardware object like a mp3 player would have no purpose. Just stick the songs in your head I guess. It would still be cool if there was a music bank of some kind.

I guess along similar lines to the simstim recording deal, but that records a musicians actions and puts them in a song format?

If there were enough musician PC's making a babble-on jukebox would be cake. jpods have existed...just not actually functioned.

Why not ask for a cloth, desc it and RP the music? Scripting music and adding playlists and stuff would ammount to a load of spam you wouldn't imagine...

Youre right about the spam of course. But even if the 'music' didn't involve scripts it would still help musician characters if you could buy and sell songs through some kind of medium.

It also gives musicians a more realistic goal than just playing shows.  Therefore creating a cool job/carrer, also you could have the person recording the music, there wouldn't even need to be any code.. they could just RP the whole recording session, and then the recording tech would write a babble-on script.