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Music Playing Devices
A fun way to play with music made by players


Random thought as I was thinking about making a street dancer/bboy character for a Shadowrun game I am going to run.

Could there be a simple item, like a television or camera, that was able to play some IC made music (Juicy Vee, Juju, etc) possibly off items like the e-memory cards. They save the 'performance' (lyrics and musical cues) and when inserted into the music player (boombox, radio, whatever) they just play the set of songs all in order, maybe with a play pause feature. I think it would make for fun RP at parties and similar, and maybe with an underground way to record and distribute beat tapes and such, a way for artists in the mix to show off their tunes outside of live shows.

Any thoughts?

This is a great idea and totally viable using BabbleOn. I would like purchase a NLM jPod, please. There's a lot of cool ambience and music genre to explore...especially when combined with some of the hearing technology out there.

A musical device which could be modified by a decker to prevent snooping on a conversation like a Rabbler Noise Generator would be awesome to give it some CPness.

I've always wanted something like this! A handeld small device with headphones for your character and/or an actual sound system furniture object similar to the television. Nothing like handing out Mix-tapes (heh) to spread your anti-corp propaganda and gain fame in the process.

Feature of the next Progia.