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Musical Instruments
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Franklin

If we had musical instruments you could buy, people wouldnt be twinkish and make them out of a material like I have seen done in the past. But a store to buy amps and guitars and drum and stuff. Then you could buy amps and cords to plug your stuff in, then the RP would be boosted becausefirst of all people would be able to say were they got something and second of all you couls show people were it was, think of the bands that may be produced from it.
Dunno just and idea.

There are coded musical instruments in the game.

But how exactly is making them out of material twinkish? They don't have any code associated with them, but they (usually) can be worn, teased, etc.


it's not. Though a music store would be a good idea for a specialty store up on blue.