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Musical Instruments
Play it again, Sam!

Music is a central part of every human culture..even SinDome. As you trudge through the deperate streets of RED, you should be able to hear the old man on the corner playing a mean saxophone for change, or the kid banging on a set of plastic buckets like a drumset. Don't the kid with the chinese violin playing by the maglev station who hears everything. There's the kid on GREEN being dragged by his parents to nightly flute practice. The decker who doubles as a DJ at the clubs. The piano-synthesizer player in the divey bar.

A lot of potential for the artist-types to play for their supper, more stuff to sell, and an elctric guitar makes a good club in an emergency, and you could garrotte someone with the strings..

But that would be unprofessional!


There are lots of musical instruments in game. And the ones you can't find can be made out from materials.

Just don't make your instrument like a 'guitar +5 of creamy panties'; if you create them out of a material, make them rough, ragged, used and old.

Yes, emoting can go a long way in a situation like this.  

We need a place in a mall to buy musical instruments. PERIOD. It shouldn't be an intensive struggle to find a musical instrument. Hell, its the future.

DynaFiber is great and can easily be used to make a musical instrument BUT making 5-10k off a broke ass newbie because you re-desc'd the shitty ass clothes you have lying around is kinda lame.

I hear that.
Or... if not a place in a mall, then someone, somewhere... hell, that guy in the park might have a hobby making drums out of old cans and stuff - and God knows by then they'd be happily making stringed instruments out of the stuff lying around the place...

Sure, you want something more swanky - keyboards or stuff that requires power to run - then yeah that's what you'd find in a mall etc, but for the newbie that's just starting out, there's gotta be a trash equivalent.

Then, I can see the young newbie rocking out on trash guitar in a high traffic area, people throw coins and rotting food, some benevolent character with some element of taste says "Hey kid, you're all right, I'm gonna make you a star" and buys them a nice pretty guitar from a mall... and, y'know, holds that over them for the rest of their playing life until newbie gets old and jaded and does something to redeem themselves.

At least, that's one way I can imagine this idea could play out.

*wanders back to throttling*

I will add a music 'shop' to Green, and make the following in-game musical items:

� turn-table
� mixing board
� synth-guitar
� synth-keyboard
� synth-drums
� the back-up band in a box

For the mixers, you can go to your local fixer and get shitty versions of these items. I warn you all now, the stuff on Green will be priced for the corpie, probably starting at 25,000 chyen for a mixing board type shit to 150k for the back-up band in a box.

For mixers I will make shitty versions of the above.

For the time being, they will not do anything spectacular, just be props. Some day we may code an 'entertain' command, and it will generate a crowd that boos or cheers depending on your skills, stats, and instruments. For now though, I will add making a store and instruments to my list of todos.

Please do not ask for your favorite instrument until something is acutally in place. I am not going to take the time at this point to make a nose-flute.


...and this is why I think you're great, mister Iga :D

(If you want any help with descriptions, I'm available.)

and those of you that want to specialize in the skin flute, he'll be more than happy to help you with that also.

*rubs KY lube on his hands*

who's first?

*jumps up and down wearing his "bixby" costume(disguise -1)* ME!! Mee!!! PICK ME!!!