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Need a light?
Light someone's cigarette.

It's simple, just a command to light someone else's cigarrette with your own lighter. It'd be quick and boost RP!

"Got a light, handsome?"

"Hey boss, you need a light?"

"Light up my Black Deth or I'l detonate this bomb!"

It takes like less than ten seconds to hand a lighter over, let them light it, then give it back and put it away. Also if they're a smoker, they would usually have a lighter themself.
Of course (and thanks for replying), but you can also make a character remove his or her clothes or strip them. That's not my point. It's about the connection established.
I'm busy simultaneously firing and feeding my hmg here... give me a light. :)
I like this idea a lot! How many action movies do we see where guy A is sitting, shot to hell and back, got that last cigarette in his mouth and the enemy or his buddy lights it up for him? There can be some cool moments both for regular RP and for like enemy-to-enemy RP that comes out of being able to light someone else's cigarette.
You could just light it yourself and RP that they lit it for you. :)
That all depends on how shot up the person is... i personally like the concept.
Or we could put in a little code so that people can't A) hold onto your lighter and you lose it because you both forgot OOCly

and B) keep it because they want to thus fucking with your RP

It has some uses in very niche circumstances. I understand the value of it, but I don't see it being worth the coding when it's not a frequent situation and can usually be handled by existing means. If the person is too weak (fatigue run out) to actually do it, the person could light the cigarette themself then hand it to the person, and again RP that it was put in their mouth and lit for them.
I admit, I do not know a thing about coding MOO

However, it doesn't seem like it would be much beyond tweaking the code that is already in place.

We'd need a @trust for it, unless I can light the pipe bomb in your hand.
Is it feasible, Johnny? You like the idea?
its something we've looked at before. Probably in the 'one day' pile. Note that things in the 'one day' pile are prone to suddenly being made when one of us has a eureka moment about how doing it is suddenly easy and doesn't fuck up the game. :)
Sorry, I couldn't tell what the "one day" comment meant.

"One of these days we might get to it"? Meaning later or never?

Or, "This is estimated to take one entire day's worth of effort"? Meaning not worth it for the amount of benefit the feature would provide?

I believe he meant that as, "one day we will get around to it" type of thing.