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Negatives to Charisma
Motivation to bathe.

I'm sure this idea would have been brought up before at some point, but I was thinking the other day after speaking to an Immigrant caked in a weeks worth of filth that it would be great if there were negatives to charisma in relation to your state of cleanliness.

For example, the ugly would become incredibly repulsive if they were caked from head to toe in filth. Bloodstains would probably have a negative effect as well as grievous wounds.

Level of cleanliness already affects your smell. If you 'smell ' and they are covered in filth, you have a good chance of throwing up all over the place. I see where you are going with the charisma thing though, however, some people still look very attractive even when dirty. Hell, some people look better dirty. Just my opinions on the matter anyway.

The problem with that is smell is an active and obvious action, if someone reeks of sewer filth, you wouldn't need to lean close and sniff them to tell. It really should affect one's shortdesc the way perfumes, antiseptics, new clone smell, etc do.

I have to agree with Xenode.

And some people look better slightly dirty yes, like they've been working all day.

Not caked in 3 inches of sewer slime and blood. Which is the kind of dirty you see in Red. You'd see and smell these people coming from a block away.