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New characters and Languages
Diversifying Red district

There is a growing number of players speaking languages other than english, yet Red sector and pretty much the entire dome is setup mostly to support english speaking players.

Knowing multiple languages or speaking languages other than english can add a lot of depth to the RP but for new players starting out there isn't much support to help drive the desire to choose the different languages out there.

It can be quite frustrating to have no way of interacting with most players right out of the box, and yes that's a choice you make when creating your character, but ontop of that the game design shouldn't punish you for making that choice as well. There are 60 million people in the dome right? Surely there are more than english speaking people running stores and delivery services.

I think we should take advantage of the many bars/organizations on Red and use them to setup simple launch platforms for new players.

Adding a courier service and a information giving npc for each language group by region of the world..

For instance, there are locations that could be the base for running NPC based courier missions for asian speaking players... and others could be the base for another region of languages, etc etc..

The new players could consult with these npcs there and be referred to the corresponding NPCs running courier jobs just like what happens for the english speaking new players.

At the very least this will help make the new player experiance in the dome feel more productive rather than completely pointless when picking other languages.

Being able to afford to purchase simple things like booze, cigarettes, drugs, etc are all RP enhancing things and it's hard to get involved in that respect without being able to work for for a courier service right out of the box.

This could also open up new RP avenues for the GMs when having to work around players that don't speak english.

I don't know, just something that crossed my mind, there is definently room on RED for this type of thing and I highly doubt it would do any harm to the game.

EDIT- Took some IC content out of the post.

(Edited by DigitalTyranny at 11:31 am on July 18, 2008)

Definitely agree that we need this.

Counter point: It's impractical to make one NPC for Japanese Couriers, one for Japanese Bartenders, one for Japanese fixers, one for MixMash Couriers, one for MixMash Bartenders, one for Mixmash fixers, etc etc etc.

Counter counter point: Make NPCs able to speak passably in several languages. Topside NPCs may not speak a word of MixMash, but should be fluent in at least one of the 'upperclass' languages and able to be interacted with in all (ex. English/Japanese/French)

Not implying that any one language is better than any other, just giving examples here.

Easy fix: Change existing NPC abilities w.r.t languages.

Tougher fix?: topside businesses call translators (NPC/PC?), to be rung automatically when an NPC is interacted with in a language they are not familiar with. Who gets charged for the services rendered?

Okay, I refined my stupid fix.  

Some of the more corp NPC's, perhaps they have translation chips, being the probably deal with a diverse group of people.  Perhaps some of the bigger more established Red npcs with cheap translation chips, so a person -might- be lucky enough for them to hear atleast the important parts.  Okay...still slightly less that helpful but yea, too much heat damnit!
And  I'll now for real shut up and not post again for a few months

(Edited by Ramsey at 5:57 pm on July 19, 2008)

I definitely think this is muy bueno. But I've had 6 Withmore  Car Bombs.