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New command: @iclog
For all the gm-driven fun you've missed

Sometimes you get GM-driven stuff to happen to your character that manifests icly. Thoughts, diseases, other weird reaction. Problem is that if they echo at the wrong time, like say driving, or a lot going on, they are very easy to miss. Sometimes that is not a biggie, but sometimes the thing you missed is a major thing your character would never ignore, but you don't know to act on it.

So here is my suggestion. Let's add a new command: @iclog which will keep last few of those messages (say five) and allows you to review them with delta time. So something like

You thought xxy [15 minutes ago]

What do you think?

i think instead of that, give thoughts a different color to differentiate them from other text. we have 256 of them after all

Both of these ideas are p good.
I support angels showing up as bright good color and devil's showing up as some evil color.