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New command to send message to a key

I personally do not like the system of having to "ces" between channels before you can send a message to it and would really love a command that allows me to put key as the first parameter, and then the message instead.
can't you just

"ce message"

You don't have to ces for that, I don't think? Could be wrong

I don't understand what exactly you're suggesting here.

Right now we have ces to set a primary key then cep .

You can also ce

What additional command are you suggesting?

I was not aware of CE, duh!
Yea, you can just "ce "

"cep" is for a shortcut for one key that you use a lot or the name is particularly long and you don't want to type it out.

Looks like symbols remove messages.

You can cep message after setting ces

You can ce keyname message too

Ah it edited out my stuff. I meant

ce [channelname] message

Whoops. I type slow.
help sic-encryption is your friend :-)
You use ces keyname to set your primary key, then you can just use cep message to send to that, key. Otherwise just use cd keyname message..