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New item: bandolier
Holds ammo and grenades

Simple idea, add a new item that can be worn around the chest/torso called a bandolier. It holds grenade and ammo types only, just like holsters only hold certain items. It also highlights the worn items in your description, just like a holster. Maybe there are tiered types, some that hold a couple and other super tactical ones that hold a lot.

Pros: You look like a badass. You don't have grenades in your pockets. Stops people from stealing valuable grenade items. You don't have extra magazines poking you in the dick while you're hunting for your next mark.

Cons: None.

I've played another game with this exact item setup. The gun verbs were even setup to let you reload directly from the bandolier, and it'd take the next fullest mag out of the sling, reload your heater with it, and you'd stick the old mag back in. Very cool stuff.
*Cons: Stops people from stealing valuable grenade items
I think something like this would be fun if it had a certain level of non-coverability, like some other in game wearables. That way yeah, no one can steal your grenades or ammo, but they sure as hell can tell you're packing them, and it makes it more obvious in other ways than squirreling away ammo in pockets, etc.