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New Jobs ideas...
I know you want one too...

Street cleaner - Give them a broom or a vaporizer to cleam them streets...

Clerks, Secretaries and office personal - Corpies need someone to kick around

Promoters - Those dudes that create parties, events and stuff (like that costume party...) to attact people into a club (We could really get one of those... Too many bored chars around...)

Real State Dealers(?) - Give us the hability to buy that small cube for us or that apartment or even a store to start our own business...

Vending Machines Refiller - We want to press the buttons and buy those things... And mug him on the way to the refill.

We could have a employment agency too... We could help people find a job/employee and make some chyen with it...

hmmm. Ok I'll go back to work...