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NEW SKILL: Outdoorsman
We're dfropping you into the andes naked

I could've sworn I saw this posted somewhere else but I couldn't find it so here goes.

This skill is fairly straight foward, its simply survival in harsh envirements. Knowing how to forage for food and water, build shelter, start fires from bumblefuck and separate dangerous flora and fauna from beneficial ones.

(Tracking and setting traps could fall under this skill but there is alot of room for twinkage there, in my opinion.)

good idea, but one that's going to go to the bottom of the list for sure for this reason:

Foraging, and flora identification are something that are probibaly going to take place for the most part outside of the city.  very few charcters out there,  much more important stuff to take care of code wise.   But a great idea nonetheless.  Would definately come into play with the idea about building encampments/other life outside the city.  

Now some type of urban survival... that's a possibility for a higher list spot I'd guess.  not much though.


Tracking is allready implemented, and uses the appropiate skill (forensics).

Foraging for food can be done by hunting down animals, when and if we ever need to support food that way.

As for the rest, this isn't AdventureMUD. You'll have to find your own shelter, start your fire with your zippo, and just know to smoke the green stuff, not the stems and seeds.

Sorry, Charlie.