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Newbie Help

Ok, getting started as a newb is very, Very, VERY tough around here...and you can't really get any help from the forums because you can't make a new thread or anything...also, there are a lot of in-game commands that aren't readily obvious; you have to do a TON of guess&check and just pray that you won't accidentally do something to get yourself killed, or at least seriously messed up.  My suggestion is to overhaul the @newbie system and/or start a thread here on the BgBB for newb help (which would serve the newbies who actually manage to get a char tremendously)

th funny things is... the newbie/help system's BEEN overhauled uhm... a bit ago, has it not?

it's much -much- clearer then it was when i started up a char...

if your still confused, i think your best bet is to -ask- when in doubt.  not sure what a command does? not sure how to do something? ask OOC if there are people around, many of us will try our best to help out. i hope...

or xhelp it if the admins are around.

or gather a bunch of questions and post them in the help forum (of course.. after reading as many of the posts that you can to see if your topic hasn't been covered yet...)

yesh. we don't bite.


I have an idea.... Newbie Helpers. Actual players that are willing to help the newbies could be granted a '@page <player> text' command (no nifties, could work like the @respond) and it would have a @nhelp or @newbiehelp for questions to be placed.

For it to don't annoy people both ways a Newbie Helper could have a @nhON @nhOFF to be in/off business as they will still want to get that roleplay once in a while. I think that would leave a lot of minor and command help away from you hard working Admins and GMs.

If my idea gets thru can I be one of them NH?

1st Welcome to all the newer players, I -know- there have been a bunch.

Hmmm, n00b help bits?  An interesting idea.

I'm not sure how the admin feel about it, but I like it, and would be willing to help.

As an aside, -many- of the players here are more than happy to help n00bs find their way around the verbage that we live and die by.  And realistically, GMs are not, and can not be on at all hours of the day and night.

To our newer players ...

<examine here> will tell you (mostly) what you can do in any give room.

Sometimes <help here> will work as well.

help <verb> will give you the syntax for any verb in question.

I'll second Bias' comment that that @newbie is recently revamped and -much- better than it was back in the day ..

Yes, I -can- say that as today is my SD birthday .. happy Sindomian birthday to me.

Typing <help> will give you the index of the help areas.  Read through those, as well as @newbie, that should take you a will make you familliar with all the verbs needed for day to day play.

There are others out there, but finding out about them (hint, examine <everything>), is part of the fun of the game... ;)

And finally, the last bit of advice I can give (whether you want it or not) is to follow the following tfour simple rules for playing and RPing.

1) Style over substance
2) Live fast, die hard, leave an ugly corpse
3) Go big or go home.
4) When in doubt, refer to rules 1-3 above.

Have fun, and see ya' in the streets.

Oh yeah .. and -definately- read this thread now if you haven't already ...

Quote: from Quatsch on 3:11 am on Mar. 28, 2003[br]start a thread here on the BgBB for newb help (which would serve the newbies who actually manage to get a char tremendously)

Well, um, see, there's this forum on the BgBB called In-Game Help?

Yeah. That's where you can ask questions. I remember posting a bit on there when I started playing, always got an answer or two.

Murphy certainly has a point, though I don't think Xeethot's idea is bad at all.  I'd certainly pop in every once in a while to give the newbies hell (yeah, yeah..  I'll help'em out after that..  heheh).  But seriously, its a good idea.  Especially the bit about being able to turn it on and off.  

Personally, talking from way back when I was a player, I always found the best kind of newbie help was IC help. RP your wise ass char finding them on the streets, RP hooking them up with the places to be, things to do, who not to fuck with, butter them up with your own brand of bullshit and make sure they know they owe you one. (Interspersed with appropriate OOC command explanations and commentary). Before you know it, you've got yourself a nice network of whipping boys who think you own the streets and will tongue their own ass if it makes you happy.

Remember, it's not who you know that counts, it's how many of them owe you favours.