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Flood the newslines with all your creative trash!

I think the website could use a private "paste bin" for members to post news stories for NLM. If you're ever bored or nobody is on to RP and feel like making up a news story just paste and submit for a GM to approve and publish in game. Right now I feel like I could push a paragraph a day, though this might only be because I'm out of town for the day and there's nothing to do in this small town I'm in. Stories don't need to be amazing, just unique, entertainable, and believable. Write a story about some kid flushing his pet rat/turtle/alligator down the toilet with rumors that it grew to unnatural sizes or mutated and learned karate. (A news story about mutant ninja turtles would not be �appreciated. It's too cliche and thoughts of colorful cartoons ruin the cyberpunk atmosphere.) A series of stories about an ongoing crisis on an off-world base on the other hand would be quite entertaining. Stories approved are then released into the world through newspaper vending machines, daily tv blurbs, and postings to the grid.

Edit: Since I'm on the topic of NLM, where are the weather reports/"predictions" with stupid holographic weather girls?

(Edited by Cryer at 6:39 pm on Dec. 29, 2008)

I like this idea. But why not just have your character (under a pseudonym if need be) gridmail the Globe?

Admin, you guys&gals can all read that gridmail account, right?

Putting it on the Grid might deter people from posting stories. Then again, it might be a way to get their asses logged into the Grid. Since not all our characters would have IC reasons to make up news stories we'd have to label the story as having been submitted OOC. I have no idea how often admins check the Grid, maybe if messages automatically forward to their RL email accounts using the Grid could work. It might not be as noticable or easily accessable as if it were right on our account toolbar on the website but maybe if the news stories have deep immersion in the game and spark a lot of RP (perhaps to the favor of the publisher) players will catch on.

Their a nodes for a reason. With enough UE, anyone can make a screamsheet...

Write a news report. Make physical copies using e-notes.

Author a node

Post on the grid

You can do more then news. You can create pay data.

ReeferMadness, all those require IC motivation to create content. My idea is about creating ambient news from NLM. It's about creating a seemless way to get content into the hands of the GMs. It's about distributing the news in ways that add to the game. If you want to read the the creative works of your peers, you need to find them in game. They'll be there in the form of 24hour biodegradable newspapers that you buy from a vending machine. (24hour biodegradable paper was a publicity stunt made by NLM to express concern for the environment/MOObloat)  They'll be on those TVs in the bars that seem to be lacking TV channels. They'll be on the Grid. On the radio (if people actually RP with those anymore). Maybe they'll even breath new life into those TV commercials that we see every day in game.


You could probably do most of that with babble-on. GM's are happy about anybody writing scripts.

If you want to write up some NLM stories you can send them over my way and I'll do what I do with them.   You can grab me on Skype, xhelp, or if I'm not online then you can email it to me (in the profile). I would love to see some player submitted ambient content for the moo.

Yes, keep it IC, but... maybe make it a NLM job.   Like, you submit random stories, their good enough, you get paid... great way to get your foot in the door for a corp job.     I dont know how I feel about having an ooc way of submitting "made up" stories.  That fucks with the real world, history, national events, the very space time continium is it were!!!  

As long as they don't have anything to do with anything going on IC or include any characters or NPCs feel free to send them to me.

As far as using it as a foot in the door to a corp job you would need to go the route Reefer suggested and doing it all completely In game.

Ya.. that's why I said this should be implimented IC'ly..   sorry that wasn't as clear as I liked, but  make something, on the grid that's like the inbox you guys speak of.   A PC submits something IC'ly  If it's good enough, determined by a GM who checks this inbox, then you get paid. It'd be a great way to get a little more money flowing in our stale economy, and a way to build up to a corp job for those who desire it.

There is an account you could do this with right now. But if your character isn't a corpie or a writer and you still feel the inspiration to write out a little story, I think that's what Cryer is talking about. Something that has nothing to do with your character.

True, but that's lame for 2 reasons.  You don't get IC'ly paid for it, so why give up ic info (read paydata)   and 2 that account is (as far as I know) rarely checked.    Hell the splash page for the grid still says may.   I don't know if theres an IC reason for that, but ya...

If it led to a job then you would get ICly paid for it. And if it were kept realistic, if you write up a story and blast it out on the internet you won't get paid unless you're working for someone. Also, if you're just writing up a story to add to the ambiance then it shouldn't have any IC info in it. Unless you're trying to get a job at a corp, then you'd probably end up getting paid for it.

And if you've sent an NPC a grid mail and haven't gotten any response after a reasonable amount of time then bug one of the GMs on. I don't mind being bugged about that sort of thing at least. I'm making a mental note as of right now to try and keep on top of those.

adding to the ambience by wring what would be considered fiction IC'ly would be fine, and should be allowed over the web IRL web.

Writing IC news type stories should have a tight leash kept on it because of possible effects it can and should have on IC life. and should not be considered random ambience.

Writing IC stories/news, in withmore, news you experienced, or are somehow qualified to write about should be allowed to be paid on a by story basis, not just I'll write this submit it to a corporation for free and hope they hire me.  It  happens all of the time in the real world with stories of every sort with all types of medium, I'm not just talking about blasting stories over the internet, or blogging type of stuff.   The globe should put up an ad requesting stories and a price paid on a per story basis.  then maybe there would be more content.

If you want to just "Blast"  stories over the IC grid for free then feel free to do so.  I have, multiple times.   I'm just saying that this idea deserves more than that, and that any ooc submissions should definately have some sort of "qualification" process.

It would be kept on a very tight leash. That's why it would have to go through a GM before it gets put up anywhere.

Having the Globe ask for some submitted stories is an interesting idea that I'd like to get some of the other admin's input on. There would still be a tight leash on it, however.

Just like to say kudos to Jotun on a fantastic idea.

To actually give you an email address, send your news articles to [email protected] and one of us will probably post it. :)

Cheers the individual who sent in today's article, btw.