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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Parker

Instead of newspapers being scattered across the streets, which is ot a bad way to get the circulation to the population in the mix, perhaps newspaper vending machines could be an idea. They could be placed at mag-lev stations, or outside hot-spots. Basic cost of 5c to buy a newspaper, maybe 100c to stack a dozen into the vending machine (and it only takes newspapers so it is not abused and people try to stuff corpses into them). After a month the machine automatically recycles the leftovers. Perhaps up to 4 different newspapers in a machine, select item 1 to 4 and so on.

Back to the game....

Not a bad idea... But I don't like the idea of paying to get them.  Definitly pay to stock them in there.. The thing is, most newspapers aren't newspapers, there just flyers.  I dunno if the other modules have been coded or not, but I've never seen a flyer before..

What's wrong with stuffing corpses in a newspaper box?  No, really..  I don't see the problem here..  *siren in the background*