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Ninjas and Petticoats
you laugh...bastards

So, like, I would love to see ninja's in the game. And petticoats.

And... and... and...ummm...


I personally would like to see more flower patches on Red. And rabid cybernetically enhanced chimpanzees with a penchant for carrots. Additionally, I request the ability to tap dance and bake shephard's pie.

The tap dancing pies I can do, but forget the chimps, we've got gorillas in the works.

Well bigger is better. school's finished for a while, eh Iga?

(Actually, now I'm thinking about it, petticoats would be ace...)

(Edited by Chienne at 9:49 am on April 18, 2005)

Fuck the petticoats, we need more cowbell!

Everyone is a ninja allready.

Talk for yourself. ;)

(Edited by Xeethot at 7:38 pm on April 17, 2005)

I'm not all ninja either.

Well -I'm- certainly not a ninja!

*tosses a smoke bomb at the floor and disappears*

Ninja vanish!

Pirates > Ninjas

I'm not so sure about that one Bixby... I mean ninjas got way better toys.... Plus the eye patch throws off perception.... Have you ever actually wqorn one of those things for an extended period of time?... I did and it threw me off bad.

Nono, Pirates rock.

A friend of mine has conducted an indepth survey and concluded this.
He also, in the process of the survey, discovered that I am neither a Pirate or a Ninja, but in fact a Fairy, and thus fit into a whole different category.

Fairies are neither better or worse than Pirates, but Pirates are better than Ninjas.

It's a fact of life.
You just have to learn to deal with it.

Quote: from Spaze on 8:28 pm on April 17, 2005[br]Fuck the petticoats, we need more cowbell!

I certainly have a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell...

But regarding the Pirate/Ninja debate, it is impossible to emperically state that one is better than another without defining the criteria by which this judgement is derived.

For instance, in a straight fight on the deck of a ship, the Pirate would totally kick the Ninja's ass.  However, if a Pirate walked into a Shinto temple hiding a Ninja, the Pirate would be dead before he knew what happened.

Also, if you go by the extravagence of dress, the Pirate would win hands down, with all those plumes and buttons and whatnot.  However, if you go by who is more educated, the Ninja is much more qualified, as the Pirate has most likely never seen the inside a school, while the Ninja must undergo years of training.

It's like asking who would win in a fight - an shark or a lion.  It all depends on where they fight.

Jesus was the first ninja.
Judas was the first pirate.

And so, the legend begins...

And from absolute CHAOS, come absolute wisdome I the only one who has seen the epic flash animation of pirates vs. ninjas?

I can't be... can I?

crap, I once had it bookmarked...ah well, I suppose it has faded to the back-waters of the cultural void that is the internet.

What? Who wins, I must know.

Nono you're not the only one.

(This is where we say thank you to Bixby.)

...I'm going to go jump on my burning, flying shark now.

Actually it was Chaos that turned us onto that, it was just me that grabbed the link that he had already shown us.

when going to that web site, do a search for, Llama song, and fuzzy math (for any Bush Supporter this is a must view)

Has anyone seen the trailer to the sequel for "How to Kill a Mockingbird?"


I have, nedless to say, it was rather interesting...