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Even news correspondants get dispatched.

Hey folks, I've been thinking. Even news correspondents get updates from a department that keeps tabs on current events as they unfold.  Additionally, they're in constant feedback with those people in control of their A/V feeds. Therefore, I suggest that NLM--similar to the WJF--have an OPS SIC alias that can be communicated with regarding events as they unfold in the game, allowing an NLM agent/correspondant to sort of sign on and sign off for feeds that they may have control of as well as get information on possible newsworthy stuff that hits the NLM radar. ICly, it would be kind of like how big media conglomerates have stringers that phone in events that in turn are passed onto the media personalities that actually go out and report the news. NLM-OPS could give generic information regarding possible events unfolding at locations around the city, which in turn are passed onto correspondents who can then scope out the locations and have on the ground media coverage.  Additionally, controlling whether a feed is live or not is difficult without having actual intervention by PCs or admin-types at the actual controls. Therefore I suggest a sign on/sign off function via NLM-OPS that will allow a correspondent to input something like "This is Jimmy Babylon, signing on and ready for live feed. Standin by with NLM-FX," wherein NLM-OPS listens for the name of the agent, signing on/signing off to flip the feed live or turn it off, and the name of the feed in question in the content of the SIC message.  Additionally, I think NLM-OPS should utilize encryption to speak with NLM agents as well.  Thoughts, suggestions? Can this be cloned from the NLM-OPS setup?

Nice idea, would take some time and effort to implement, but it would also fit very nicely in with my ideas for an employment system... I'll scratch it down as something to work on, but don't hold your breath... admin resource isn't something we have much of at the moment.

I like this idea a lot.