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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Lucifer

I think they should still display time and date... instead of having to look through the website. :P

The web side of the NLM's is only part of the code, there will eventually be MOO-side systems to interface with the web side forum and read the posts, mimicking the look of the old QT's. Admin can already read the BGBB from within the MOO, so the core of the code is pretty much done, just needs someone to sit down and work out the aesthetics of the IC NLM and patch it thru to the web interface.

So, yeah, for those of you who have expressed concern at the web forum for people with low bandwidth and such, it is just a feature and there are plans to make it all available within the MOO, just in a less graphically pleasing format.

However... the shift to the web base for the QT is part of the buildup to a future project, of which I can say no more at the moment... Drool people... for something -tasty- is coming.

Johnny did mention that I was the one to inspire him? Right?

*jumps around, begging for attention*

Ok, so he said he was already planning to create the web NLM, but still, he asked me for permission and everything.

I feel so important :)