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No command hints on 1-char inputs

I don't think the game should churn out a 50+ line list of commands whenever you accidentally send out a singular character, due to mistyped movement input or whatever.
Agree. Especially for people using Google Chrome who have limited buffers. This issue is particularly egregious with the "c" movement command.
Thirded. I think there's supposed to be an option that disables the spam, but it hasn't worked in a long time.
Fourth'd, I've played with the settings a few times since I started playing and unfortunately they can't be turned off. It's so jarring every time I fumble a command and it hits me.
I don't have this issue with Safari. Have any of your reviewed your autofill settings specific to the browser?
Not kidding about 'c', I count 66 lines of suggestions.

Are these command syntax hints documented anywhere else? I've noticed some syntax things in the hints that aren't actually in their corresponding help files.