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No don't throw that!

I think when you throw something sharp to somebody there should be a chance they totally biff the catch and cut the hell out of themselves.      Also what about throwing something dangerous -at- somebody in an attempt to cut/bludgen/whatever them.   Maybe throw brick off n edge at  <whoever> ?  hehehe

I had a throw/kick <item> to/at <target> mostly done that did what you're suggesting (and a little bit more to make ball games possible in game, goal objects to aim at, keepy-uppy, piggy-in-the-middle, etc) but it was on the list of projects taken off me and trashed just before I left.

Drinks.   When thrown at someone and they don't catch it, should not just bounce off them.   They should also be harder to catch than a standard object.  

I'm pretty sure you can flick a cigarette at someone.