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Node Security Limits
Cracking you're own nodes

Right now it is possible, and even easy, for a decker to secure a node they are working on so well that they just can't get back in. It seems a bit odd since they WROTE the security in the first place and I think it is unlikely that they would unintentionally do so in a way that locks themselves out.

With tat in mind, I'd like to propose a command that, when toggled on, limits how well the decker will secure a node. maybe call it @backdoor or something. The idea is that when a decker secures a node with this option enabled they will be unable to place a security level on a node than is higher than what their stats/skills will allow them to crack.

If a decker just doesn't care if they can access that node again and just wants to lay down the best security they can, they just disable the option and they secure the node like usual (without taking their cracking ability into account).

I've always thought that failing that skill check is a -very- hard punishment. If that happens, you pretty much permanently lose control (or for a ridiculously long time at least) over a node even with a sizeable sum of UE spent on the appropriate stats & skills.

It makes new deckers useless due to the fact that a completely locked down node offers no replayability since nobody but wizads can get into them. It'd be better that if the skill check was failed, the security is set incredibly low instead of high; making the node vulnerable to attacks instead of actually giving a node more protection.

Shows what I know! I had always assumed that the locking yourself out thing was a result of doing too well on a roll. I had no idea it was the result of a major failure.

I agree though, I'd rather see a major failure leave a node wide open to cracking than see the node get crazy secured. Thanks for educating me!

It's what I assume happens anyway, but I won't got into detail. Anyway, I think cnodell's suggestion would be good as well, it'd give Grid 2.0 much more replayability until we get 3.0.
It would be nice for higher-skilled deckers to have more control over what security level they close a node with, rather than automatically determining it from a roll.

There are plenty of cases where you'd want to create a low-security node for many others to find and modify later. In other situations, you might want to try to secure the node as much as possible.

Programming should be about control over the security level, and failing with it should result in a lower level than intended.