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Normalize PDS for Studdlies/Monas

Recently, staff brought the PDS load way down for cyber arms and cyber legs, which is super cool. When they did, they didn't tweak PDS on studies or midnight monas. They're fundamentally the same -- cybernetic replacement for body parts -- and so it would make sense if they had lowered PDS also.
Two things: 1. Replacing your reproductive bits, your man or womanhood with metal, plastic and motors is fundamentally going to disconnect you from humanity more. 2. Lowering PDS cost of limbs was about making it easier to fit a cyber limb into your PDS load, reducing the drive to just off your character when you lose a limb. Where we want a lot of folks having cyber limbs, we don't really want the majority of folks replacing their junk. We'd rather have it be more special if you decide to do that. :)
Why not a studdly/mona groin replacement that encourages chastity by making you the equivalent of a Ken/Barbie Doll but comes with a lower PDS load?
I would love the above ^

I think you missed what was between the lines, Reefer and Dawnshot. The part about "disconnecting you from humanity more."

Being a ken or barbie doll would have a HIGHER PDS load than just a metal schlong.

I disagree, but I'm probably in the minority here with Dawnshot.