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NPC Judges.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Kalea

They all seem to move at the same time and reach thier destination at the same time making for a 18-20 line blur of spam. All at once 8 Judges reported in. All at once they reported again. ITs a little spammy. I would think that would sound like a bunch of jibberish even to those with the SIC keys, yah?
Perhaps we can make them move at different times? or randomize it a little more so the randomizer doesn't make them all go at once, even if it draws them that way..
if they all get drawn at the same time, then it redraws and does so until theres no more than 2 or 3 moving at the same time to reduce spam, yah?

And I know I'll be slapped for this becuase of the "IC reason" that they are in pursuit of a suspect, but if thats the case, it shouldn't just abruptly end, it should be a continuous thing, and that would just worsen the problem, so for the sake of making the game better, we'll assume this is not the case.

tool out.

This problem only started occuring several weeks ago when the mutex system fucking exploded.

It's a problem, though not very high on my list of things to fix. That and the rate at which bugs have been being submitted have kept it from being fixed.

We refer to it right now as 'WJF Shift Change' and its 7 times spammer on the admin than it is on the players, so stuff it. :)

It'll get fixed when it does.

~ J