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Of Clothing and Charisma

The whole VMW thread kind-of got me thinking about how much clothing really affects the game, and I had small idea.

I know that certain items provide certain amounts of protection, i.e., armored clothing, etc.

But, just out of curiosity, does certain clothing affect Charsima? Granted, Charisma is a broad topic, but it would make sense of better/more stylish/more expensive clothing could/would have you appear, overrall, more attractive.

If this doesn't already exist on the list already...I was just wondering.

Attractiveness is part of charisma, but charisma=!attractiveness.

It's a sub-stat in game mechanics. Besides, it's very subjective and all depends on the 'audience'.

For instance, IRL I have great luck when hitting on, say, goth, punk and metalhead chicks. On the other hand, I wouldn't dream of hitting on more preppy/sporty/what-have-you sorts.

Another example would be the environment. If I wear leathers and go to a biker joint I'll make more 'friends' than if I go to a hip-hop club dressed the same way.

In game terms, you wear the nicest suit, you still won't have a charisma boost when you're dealing with junkies on Red.

The clothing system being dreamed up would be able to have support for social-class like flags.

Fine Silk - +5 with the corpies
Rough Faux Leather - +5 with the gangers?

or some such. Don't quote numbers, their meaningless :biggrin:

I don't get why we need numbers for everything.

Isn't good ol' RP good enough anymore?

You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Do you ever want the gangers to not attack you when your not wearing your Judge gear? This would cover that too.

Okay, so Johnny knows how to buy my vote.

I'm such a whore.



Johnny always was a clever one.

*goes off laughing about Murphy the whore*

P.S. He called himself that...not me. :P

Oh...I smell more complex disguises!