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Off-Road Tires
Zoom! Zoom!

I would like to propose the creation of off-road tires for cars (and possibly bikes as well) that allow vehicles that are not currently capable of traversing certain terrain types, to have that capability.

Vehicles that already have this capability would not be affected by this, allowing them to remain unique, as they are able to utilize other tire options instead for their specific bonuses.

I can see that being a seriously popular (and expensive) modification for vehicles and am all for the modification of vehicle functionality, particularly if it gives mechanics something more to sell and do akin to adding funky cyberwear to characters.
Tires don't suddenly make a vehicle intended for the streets viable for off road terrain, but I'll bite.

I feel fuel efficiency should be dramatically reduced with these installed. And to be clear, I'm deliberately making this suggestion because I know how some people hate fuel efficiency in the city, especially when they're driving around at max speed all the time. This places a disincentive on the modification without altogether removing functionality.