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Oh, that was an admin/mod/GM?

There should be a staff list easily accessible for new for new players, either on the forums or the website. Or it should be easier to identify who is staff at a glance on the forums. This is different from the in-game @who, or the website drop-down. It's not an issue at all in-game since you can xhelp and do all kinds of other things to get your senpais to notice you. This is purely a recommendation for the Boards.

Sure, after browsing through topics for a while most people can guess that Slither, Johnny, and Cerberus are staff, and their words more often than not hold finality on Sindome related topics. But it just makes it easier for new players to have access to this information from the get-go. For example: between players, there is discussion and back and forth about different ideas, and while there is lots of friendly discussion between staff and players as well, a staff member saying that an idea is "not going to happen," is very different from a player saying something is "not going to happen."

When an answer like this comes from a staff member, this can be a signal to either drop the subject entirely, or shift approach to what is being discussed. And I think it should be easier for new players to realize this.

And eventually when a player does get around to the point of searching through older board topics, there's sometimes speculation involved with determining the possibility of a post being form an older, possibly inactive staff member. I have no idea if Linekin is around any more, but regardless of that I'm sure their word on previous topics holds just as much weight now as it did back in 2015. Possibly not, since they haven't posted since 2015, but anyway the guess-work should be taken out of determining who's a staff member on the boards.

New players shouldn't be suggesting ideas and then arguing their point why it's good and SHOULD still happen after being told it isn't good for this and that reason, often by numerous others who are experienced in Sindome and it's players. They should understand what is being said from others who disagree and shed light, or at least be able to comprehend what is being said. If they can't do that they shouldn't be posting on our community boards, to be honest. These boards are here for us to discuss with our community without breaking rules set in place. Staff shouldn't have to code this change to baby our playerbase. Sure an admin saying something isn't going to happen with a little badge to identify them as such might prove more useful ending the one sided discussion, however, our players should acknowledge everything being said in these responses before bothering suggesting ideas or contributing to the thread only to ignore everything being helpfully offered or to outright ignore WHAT is being said. The problem doesn't lie in identifying staff from players, it's with the players who think they know better and conveniently ignore everything being offered to them. Linekin is still around, but I'm not sure how relevant that is. Some staff don't maintain a presence on the BGBB between their Staff dutiies and real life, and that's fine.
Not talking about players who are making suggestions.

This suggestion is mostly about new players who are quietly going through the board to find information on their own. It makes it easier for a player (lurker) to read through a thread and see which responses are from Staff, and therefore which responses should be headed more.

Being able to easier see what Staff thinks on any given topic makes it more accessible for players to form their own opinions, based on informed, established stances from staff.

Here we go, I wasn't using the right words when searching through the boards. I just found this by browsing actually. Looking at this list is honestly elucidating for me, and I notice there are a few names I didn't recognize as voices of authority.

I like the idea of a place where admin are listed. The biggest issue is keeping that list updated because bad info is worse than no info in some cases.

However, we do have a special command we can run in game to run the 'credits' for a player.

This encompasses almost all the people who have been admin/contributors throughout the years. It's a long list. For the most part though, admin posting on the BGBB have the same names as their admin bits in the game.

There isn't an easy way for us to flag admin posts currently though, it would take a fair amount of code. Maybe I'll look into an updated staff section on the website...

I think a staff section on the website would be very beneficial, as long as it's not too much trouble. And I do see that bad info can be more damaging than bad info.

Maybe for the time being, a "Staff" section on the website could include Slither, Cerberus, and Johnny, since I believe those three have been around the longest? With a note that these three have good advice on things and should be listened to, as well as mentioning that there are other staff members posting on the board as well?