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on pose.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Nicadeamus

Can pose -please- be parsed so that something like this: .smile lightly, "He is indeed
doesn't show like: smiles lightly, He is indeedy.
I keep missing the close quote, and It's painful.

Sure can. I'll send you the code so you can get right to work on it.

I'd do it myself, but I'm too busy hunting down the person who wrote the original lambdamoo pose verbage so I can execute him for fucking with my mind.

Bugger me sideways, that code makes Damon's QuickTerms look like Snow White.


In other words. Probably not.

Easy fix.. stop missing the damn closed quote you freak!
*dropkicks Nicadeamus across the MOO*

and I thought admin were lazy... *eyes*

*types* .dust myself off and look about, "well fine then.


Nicadeamus dusts himself off and looks about, well fine then.

You mean you're actually asking Nic, to REMEMBER to add that quotation mark??? I mean you know what yer asking? Wow, that's like asking Luc to get his butt of Johnny's arse, Or to ask Dom to think outside the box...why I'd even dare to say it's close to asking Rastus not to watch videos of the flesh...

My goodness....

Mmmm, video's of the flesh...


[admin]This post confuses me - J[/admin]

First off my box is comfy....and monk why would you say I don't think outside of it....