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One time use medical equipment.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Mica

Latex gloves, booties, masks, smocks that protect, viral kill sprays, etc Stuff that would enhance your ht, endurance etc if your dealing with medical situations where blood has sprayed, meat has decomposed and puss has leaked.

Would be useful if nasty infectious diseases, limb loss, etc are ever coded. As well as give an added danger to getting work done from/by a medic that doesn't care much about sanitary conditions.

Mmm Puss.

Um..i'm pretty sure those exist IC'ly in one way or another.

(Edited by Bixby at 1:50 pm on July 26, 2004)

I'm pretty sure limb loss, internal injuries, infection, sickness, etc.  is on

(drumroll please)
The List.   (tm)

I'm pretty sure medical treatment will get more involved once that stuff is implimented too.  Though I don't know that I've heard mention of doctors getting ill from patients foul conditions.  That would be pretty sweer!  Maybe medical "impliments"  get contaminated/dirty when used, and then they have to be sanitized before used again to prevent the spread of infection.  

It�s all on the list. The list is holy and all encompassing. *pets The List*
I�m sure that there are many things on the list including limb loss (poke around old threads). And not all ideas submitted to the idea forum have a �GIMME THIS NOW� stamp on them. :P

*nod to bixby*  I don�t know about others but medkits still confuse me in relation to what they do, what they are supposed to be doing and as they are a tangible coded object, how far can you stretch their RP spring board potential?

I assume they are the futures equivalent of a super duper basic first aid kit. But would they have the protective/disinfectant gear inside them that you�d need in order to prevent nasty cross contamination of medic/patient/work area? Do they contain all the needed supplies to sew someone�s leg back on or just stem the blood flow till the poor bastard can hop to a clinic? Are they or are they not, as someone once put it DIY Jesus kits? I do know that they either don�t have the futures equivalent of burn cream or it was lack of high enough stats/skills or maybe they are not intended to treat burns? Are they supposed to be used for treatment or healing? Uhm. I�m sure I can hammer you with more questions but I�ll stop till my afternoon coffee buzz wears off.

You could RP slapping on a pair of gloves and a surgical mask that you pulled out of your medkit same with scissors, tweezers, clamps, antibiotic derms etc etc Common sense dictates to the player what's most likely in these kits. But can you start pulling out a can of viral disinfectant, a protective suit, forceps and liquid sutures?

*cough* SUPER EDIT NINJA BIXBY. If these are available ICly... they should be readily available in stores. I hope you don't have to go to a fixer to get latex gloves.. :P

(Edited by Bias at 3:23 pm on July 26, 2004)

(Edited by Bias at 3:27 pm on July 26, 2004)

heh Well what I was refering to are readily available in stores.  Even now in 2004, most medkits/first aid kits include, scissors, latex gloves, a triangular bandage (usefull for slings and what not), adhesive strips, gauze, bandaids, topical antiseptic, burn relief, and a cold pack (one of those nifty squeeze and shake me oooo im cold thingies) Now give it a 2089 twist and your in buisness.  use your best judgement, the items do say they're packed with things to heal -minor- wounds.  ie. Stop bloodloss, sanitize the wound.  
And don't forget the placebo of this century, -and the next-... tylenol/aspirin!!
tylenol and asprin are not placebos.

They are chemicals that block certain pain receptor ports in the body. They also lower body temperatures. In the case of asprin, there is also a thinning of the blood.

Those little green pills after the 21 blue pills, those are placebos.

Though I suppose if you were testing like... Nova Praxopoximin IV you could give out tylenol as a placebo in the tests....mmmm, that Nova Prazopozimin IV, so much better than the Nova Praxopozimin II. Yup yup. I don't even count Nova Prazopaximin III as a real update in the drug. They just added these minor new features on the packaging and stuff.

Placebos. Plah-Sea-Bos. What a strange word. Greek? Latin? Wonder what it's litteral meaning is. Probably 'Thing that doesn't do the thing that you say it is going to do but only when you are trying to fool people into thinking that what you are giving them is doing something.'

A total emperors clothing situation.

Except the emperor froze to death and looked like an idiot whilst placebos can actually heal, right?

Power of the mind. Just gotta believe.. and stuff...

Apparantly it's from late latin and means to please or something.. *pets*.

One of either tylenol, or aspirin block pain receptors in the brain, if I recall correctly. Or do something complex with the brain chemical that transmits pain. Read a bit on it once, and I still think it's hard to believe.

Of course,  if it -were- a placebo, they'd have to say -something- to make the masses think it worked. And keep money flowing into their pocket! Sometimes, perception may, or may not be more important than actual healing ability. As Protagonist said, the mind is a powerful thing.

(Article about a study thing on placebos: )
(Please note: Tylenol and Aspirin being a placebo is personal opinion only. 8p)

In either case, I vote for little green pills, and little blue pills in medkits! Heck, throw little purple pills in there too!

Doctor person: "Uh, ya, this little green pill's the Painmaster 2080! It'll fix that hangover right up. Rare in the 'dome. Just 500 chy, and it's all yours. Zeke over there took it, took his headache clear away."

Zeke looks over, and gives a thumbs up.

"Oh, Results may vary, of course."

There are already pills that do that... But they're all mine.

*jumps on a pool of pills*