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OOC Communication
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Kazimirez

There should be a way to communicate OOCly to anyone logged on, no matter where they are

See that 'Messenger' link at the top of the page?

That's what that's for, dude.


...that's something new to me...just another point that goes to prove what I said about needing a newb-help section.

The messenger link isn't the same as having an Instant Messenger type thing directly in the game. It's not real time responses.

And as those of us who've been around all know, instant OOC communication with any player on the MOO just leads to nasty OOC cheating. So lets all forget this was ever an idea.

Another 'metagaming' feature request.

Sindome Lore tells of a time when there was indeed a MOO wide OOC chat channel and the MOO was basically a glorified chat room where 90% of the activity was on the channels and most people never left the coffins. I initiated the decision that finally saw it removed from the game, one -single- player threw a big ass wobbly about it, said it'd destroy the 'community' and supposedly quit the game. Course, he came crawling back pretty soon after under a different name...

Anyhow, the resulting increase in RP and IC activity was nothing short of astounding... infact, there was more IC activity in that period than there is now.

And as a side note, the admin do still have the luxury of re-enabling that global channel if there was ever a need for some kind of mass discussion, not that I can ever see it happening. Course, I bet most of the admin didn't even know it was possible, let alone what the command is ;)

Quote: from TAFKAR on 2:07 pm on April 2, 2003[br]... one -single- player threw a big ass wobbly about it...


What the hell is a wobbly?

think it's a brit thing .. like kippers and bobbies.


funny words.


*cough* alrighty... i'm remouving myself from the computer before i piss off the powers that be with this inane wastage of typed words.

2.5 WEEKS! only 2.5 weeks left...

(Edited by Bias at 12:32 am on April 3, 2003)