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OOC representations of IC art: Lore
Beyond text

Game-Help had a lengthy discussion of whether it was allowable to create OOC representations of IC art pieces: Paintings, music, etc. People were thinking along the lines of the Character Arts thread.

My @idea is that Lore would be the right place for this - if the piece is something that is ICly well-known enough that players can be exposed to it "for free" (without RPing it out).

Lore can host images, video, and sound files. BGBB can too but having it in Lore makes very clear that it's IC and is so familiar that it's "ambient".

The limitation here is that it couldn't be material which you really can't ICly experience without RPing your way into it. Not a painting that's fucking awesome but shuttered behind a corporate metal detector or an apartment door. Not a song that was only performed ICly one time on Central Red's smallest stage.

Staff direction was that material that reveals IC info that should have been obtained through RP doesn't get represented OOCly at all, in Lore or BGBB or anything. So we're not leaving something off the table by suggesting to have the allowable stuff in Lore instead of in Anything Really.

Lore is severely lacking in terms of significant events and lasting marks by players in the past decade. I'm all for anything that allows players to feel that the content they create is actually appreciated and adding something significant to the ambient world that can be enjoyed for years to come -- and people actually recognize or remember something about the artist in question.
As I mentioned in game-help, I'm 100% onboard with this.