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Open Air Markets
Appraise vs. Inspect

Ok, so when at the open air markets on Red Sector while browsing you can appraise an item. This gives you a brief description of what the item looks like. When you have an item in your inventory and inspect it you get the specifics, weight, size and approximate value. Where I see an issue is that when using the appraise command, even someone who is adept at Trading cannot see the approximate value of an item.

I think the appraise command should work more like a combination of the two commands. Give the brief description of what the item looks like as well as it's approximate value. That way someone who has dumped UE into the trading skill won't have to guess whether or not they are actually getting a good price on an item(especially ones that don't have an easily reached reference point.)

The Trading skill works, it just doesn't work *that way*.

There's a way for your character to learn exactly what the best possible price they're capable of getting for that item is.

Yea, like I said the inspect skill gives you that information. When the item is already in your inventory. The issue is getting it to do it with something my character has not purchased yet, something that my character is in the process of haggling for.

What your character can get from "appraise" depends on their capabilities.

The thing about the markets is, they don't have the same provenance as any retail place, so, things are cheaper there already than any retail place. What your trader can do from there, by haggling, also depends on their capabilities.

The trader has to live by their wits. Don't expect to ever be completely sure about anything's "inherent" value - there's no such thing ICly.

"Any retail place" - I should say more specifically, the kind of stores where there's not a player-character setting the prices. Secondhand or re-sale shops have someone in the same position as the trader character, trying to judge value and do their best to set it competitively.