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Open/Closed Exits

Currently, you have to look e, look w, look u, etc to see if a door is open or closed. I believe a door that is open or closed should show up in the description of the exits. "There are exits to the west (open/closed/locked)" Or, "There are exits to the west. The west is closed. There are exits to the east. The east is open." Something along those lines.

Something like "There is an exit to the west. There's a closed exit to the south."?

I'm all for it, although depending on the door, it shouldn't necessarily be obvious if a door is locked or unlocked, only open or closed. (Of course, in some cases it should be obvious.)

Add a perception check and that's pure gold.

I can dig it. Perhaps the telescopic lens see-through-closed-doors bug could get fixed alongside this too. One can always hope. :D

But where is the fun of seeing people try to exit on a closed door?

Looking a place (look here) shouldn't give you a full description of every minute detail of the room, and it doesn't. The game doesn't calculate angle of view (yet?) either, so entering a room and being able to tell that every door is closed or open isn't realistic either as you most likely can see just the frame on the doors parallel to your facing. Making the doorway visible but not the door itself, you know there is an exit there but no way to know the state until you actually position yourself to see it.(look )

Also rooms vary greatly in size, a room can be a tiny bar or a long hallway full of doors. You don't know if all of them are open just by looking at the hallway. You have to actually stop and take some time to check them.

And walking on a closed door is always a good representation of reality. You don't pay attention to things you get surprises.

I have had my share of walking into closed doors before, plus I am sure plenty of people have seen videos of folks running into closed glass sliding doors.

But a perception check would be cool. A really super perceptive person could tell if a door is open or closed depending on the way light/shadows come across the door's threshold.