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Paint vehicle plates
A way to temporarily obfuscate a vehicle

As the title says, I would love to see the ability for people to cover vehicle plates with spraypaint.

just like camera lenses, this degrades over time or can be removed by solvent.

Not gonna get into use-cases but this should 100% be illegal ANYWHERE topside as well.

This is tough as plates can be used to reference vehicles in rooms with a lot of the same vehicle. I don't want to remove that ability. We talked as a staff about this and are thinking about ways to make it so mechanics can remove/replace a plate, which we think would effectively accomplish the same thing.
Changing plates while still letting VINs track a vehicle properly would be a very big deal.
Rehashing this thread because I think it's still relative. I believe the use-case for license plates has been properly addressed but certain vehicles like Chex, WJF Patrol Cruisers, and Supply Van feature designation #'s and Brands. I think these symbols/logos/numbers should the purview of the paint job booth and be variables that can adjusted.