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Palming items

I think it'd be cool if those of us who have thievery skill could palm items, so that we can wield and unwield them without people seeing us do it.  So, say you lift some guys wallet, you can then palm it so he doesn't see it in your hand and he doesn't see you putting it away.  Of course you have no garuantee you can do it, perhaps you could even drop the item if you are bad at it.  Anyways, I think it'd be cool.

YES!!! I love this idea! I was just talking about this with someone the other day!

Another idea I had was hiding items on your person, so people can't steal them or see them when they frisk you.

Quote: from Hirononbu on 2:03 pm on Feb. 9, 2003[br]Another idea I had was hiding items on your person, so people can't steal them or see them when they frisk you.

As far as I know, that can already be done. People can't see 'em when they frisk you, BUT, they can still take 'em off you if they know you have 'em.

Not entirely sure which skill does it, though.

Hmm, strange cause I can only hide stuff in the area I'm in.  Any clue on the command?

I don't think there is a command, I'm fairly sure it just hides everything on you. I once frisked [Character] and didn't find anything on him/her/it, though he/she/it was wearing clothes and a [Not telling]. Stripped the [Not telling] (thus putting it in his/her/its inventory) and frisked again, still no beans. But I was able to take it anyway - so I xhelped and was told it's skill-based.

So, everything you put in your inventory is automatically hidden?

From what I can tell, yeah.

To clarify, how exactly would you describe palming?

In real life or in the game?  IRL it's hiding an item while it's still in your hand (also a cool feature).  So, maybe palming just hides something in your hand, then if you unwield it, people won't see you unwield it.  If your skill is high enough compared to their perception.

It's called palming 'cause you hide it in your palm, but how do you palm, say, anything bigger than your hand?

I think what Hironobu is talking about is simply taking something out  and putting it back without people noticing, not palming to the strict definition of the word.

I think I may have witnessed the items hidden in your inventory thing, thanks to the lose of connection and not getting back on til the mourning, yet being in a public place.  I woke up and wasn't missing anything from my inventory as far as I can tell.  Damn, do I feel lucky.

I think that palming is more likely to do things like getting that ace from your sleeve, or the baseball bat from the back of your jacket. In getting things it would owrk the same way but a piece of clothing should help to do the trick (Ever wondered why magicians wear tuxedos?)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the skill for hiding items on your person disguise? I Read 'help skills' again and I don't think there is anything else that sounds closer to that...fleurtygirl