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Parkour Shoes

Shoes designed for parkour in mind. They reduce fall damage and boosts you in jumping across rooftops (maybe). Would be fun to see people jump off low roofs for a dramatic entrance.
I've thought about this before.

Either parkour shoes or addons for cybernetic legs. Though if the latter, they should probably do more than that given how much of a pain cybernetic limbs are to have.

Jumping off roofs seems like better suited for cybernetic legs than it is for shoes; in general, I wish there was more demand for cyberlimbs. That said, cyberlimbs right now are sort of broken.
Express legs make you go!
We have candy of all shapes and sizes which might help you doing ninja backflips.

As for shoes, why not develop some ICly and RP and market them as you like? Several current lines of codedly statted clothing were formerly things players made and just sold that were later taken up as brands by staff.

"As for shoes, why not develop some ICly and RP and market them as you like?"

Do NOT promote your tailored clothing as giving you ANY sort of stat/skill advantage.

There was a plague of this not long ago, and there's still pieces out there that people think give them stat/skill advantages when they don't. This is entirely deceptive to other players and will get staff on you if you do this.