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And other digital companions

It'd be cool if we had special Quickterms or something, that you could write things in, like an address book, or even just a freehand notepad feature.

And drawing software, and web-surfing, and e-mail, and arcade games... :)

Or is that what e-notes are? I wouldn't know, I've never even seen one in-game.

That's basically what e-notes are, cept they're only MOO-side, unlike the web QuickTerms, so they're only good for storing text.

Also, some useful code that many players may not know about.

'memorize <text>' - Stores information in your characters 'memory'.

'memory' - Recalls everything you memorized.

How much and how long you can memorize stuff is determined by some stats and stuff, but it's useful for door codes, passwords and quick 'note to self' stuff. Instead of having tons of post-it notes around your desk you can store the little dinklets of information actually -on- your character.

nah..  I just write directly on my monitor, don't bother with the post-it notes..

Although I AM running out of space, and some important things have seemed to have rubbed off..

Actually, that'd be a nice feature to add to WJF Tac-comps, as a replacement for today's cops' notepads.

I usually keep a Notepad (MS's best product - great for web page design!) window open to type stuff up if I need to, but doing it IG would be very spiff.

Yea, I knew about memory, but like you said it's limited.

Jad just needs an E-Note then...