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Pedestrians in Express tubes
Confused I am

Okay, so i was just noticing that the descriptions inside the express tubes talk about pedestrians walking through them yet players can't do it without cars smashing into them over and over again?
So, either the descriptions need to be changed or people should be able to walk through them without having to worry about 50 hit and run drivers in a row.

And we should be able to run over the players we find in there too :)

Yeah, well, you can run over players you find anywhere of the streets.

You can?

I think the verb is ram or something.

As of a month or so ago that didn't work yet.  

Quote: from Jotun on 10:00 am on July 5, 2004[br]As of a month or so ago that didn't work yet. �

I think there are other more important things on top of ramming n00bs at tubes...

You lie!