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See above

I think it would be nice to have peepholes in the doors of the hotel cubes like you have in apartments. Hotels have them now, its not a far stretch to think they'd be there in the future.

I really do agree...but I'm sure there is a reason there not there.

Ok, done.

hmm, wouldn't that be unrealistic? I havn't tried them out; I don't have an apartment lol, but you can't restrict view to a portion of the room outside, so through one peephole one  can see everbody outside of it? Hmm just a thought, well somethings probably been done to prevent it from being unrealistic, and I guess they don't have to be acuratly modeled to the behavious of peepholes from this century. :)


This is the future...we have clones and *gasps* The perfect peephole.

Though it would be cool to be able to upgrade to infored peepholes heheh...motions sensitive.  "Your door beeps, there is motion outside yor door


So I guess there going for a camera and viewing unit in one, implanted in the wall, rather than an actaul hole. Motion sensors does sound cool, and infared could reveal skneakers hiding in the darkness; maybe waiting for them to step out before knifing them. Hmm, well paranoids might think that and it could make for some good rp.

Then you get to buying security mods, like tazer turrets and the like, hmmm shocking; sorry

It should be called an External presence viewing device EPVD :) Well maybe not