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Persistent poses
A treatise on the tyranny of @look_place

@look_place me is a wonderful little command, but it's unfortunately so easy to forget to reset, (and people do this all the time).

This kind of hurts is value, and as such, I propose a fix:

The persistent pose.

The persistent pose is just like a period pose (using a different character, such as ' or ,), but instead of being blurted once when triggered, its use sets a @persistent_pose message on the user, which overrides @look_place and any sit messages.

When the character stands up, sits down or starts walking (or other similar actions), the @persistent_pose message is automatically and silently cleared, or even not so silently: If the character unposes by moving instead of adding a new persistent pose, it's a simple matter of replacing "%N %…" with "%N no longer %…", possibly configurably.

All of this frees @look_place up to describe general demeanour, and adds a new avenue for failure-safe posing.

Or what would be even more awesome, if they just added this to the functionality of @look_place

Well, that would kind of weaken @look_place; making it no longer suitable for describing general demeanour.

Although having a single-character short-cut for @look_place me is would be awesome; and maybe @look_place is the wrong thing to use for describing the bearing of the character at any rate.

It does not remove from @look_place at all, in fact it just addresses the issue. Now I see what you mean, some people use @look_place to set how their character for the most part generally is, so perhaps there could be either another type of command as you suggested, or just a way to @lock your @look_place in when you move/change seats

This is identical to previously proposed 'temp look place' concept.