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Phone chatter.
Say whaaaat?

I feel like it's a fair assumption to say that the majority of us use - to speak into phones instead of "to phone." Considering that - is faster, and "to phone" doesn't work if you have more than one on you. But, when you speak softly into a phone with -, it doesn't leave a record of what you say on your end! Looking back over what you've said, you only get half of the conversation.

It would be nice if, when speaking softly into your phone with -, it left a log of what you've said on your end, rather than simply "You speak quietly into your phone..." This would make it easier to remember what you've said to the other party.

This is one reason (amongst others) why I always have 'Echo' enabled on the webclient. If you're not using the webclient though, then yes, a mini-echo for phones would be useful. Then however a double-echo for webclient users with echo and the proposed "hard echo" may be an issue. :)

"to phone" does work if you have more than one on you - AND the call is active. But you do have to use Nth Phone to answer or dial.

I for one don't use - to talk into a phone unless I'm ICly trying to whisper.

"to phone" does work if you have more than one on you - AND the call is active.

Oh! I had been trying "To Nth phone" and kept getting "there's no such thing as Nth here" returned. Good to know!

Odd, I tried To Phone and it didn't work so been using the - ever since.

I'll try that newly.

As for the whispering, unless you are using an app, the client has the Echo option that can be turned ob and off which I love.

Some apps have echo I hear but I am not familiar with what ones.


Odd, doesn't work for me and yes, it was an active phone call.

Me and someone on the other side.

I did 'to phone' and got: I don't know which progia you mean.

For now, I'll echo. Only time I can't is on the phone app.