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I want more options dang it!....Please

A couple things.....

It would be nice if after someone rang you (called you) that you could still see their number on your phone. This would help a lot of you had more than one phone.

And then....the biggest baddest one of all....


If people call you and can't get through, they could leave a little three line message for you that you got the next time you tried to call a number with your hone.

call 376-0000 with phone
You phone beeps and a voice says, "You have a message. Dial one to retrieve your message."
call 1 with phone
"Welcome to your inbox. You have one message. Press 2 to retrieve and listen to your message. Once the message has been played it will be automatically deleted. Thank you. Have a nice day."
press 2 on phone
"You cheating lying bastard. I saw you out with that hooker. Don't even bother coming home again until you pay your child support." - This message was left at 23:00 by 376-0001 on 29 July 2087.
The other end hangs up.

I'd really like to get the voicemail. I'm willing to lick feet if I have to, but I require that they've been washed before hand. And Johnny has to wear pants. *grin*

Damn that pants rule! *shakes his fist* Damn it to hell!

Seriously though, we know the phones need more options :)

I personally have my code schedule for the next two months.

1 month of top secret project
1 month of pure bug fixing across the whole MOO

After that, who knows, and who knows how we task the other proggers ... Wren and Finn are learning nicely.

Oh yeah, and the best feature phones are gonna get:

* Phone Bills

You will be charged for phone usage at some point.

Bills!? Just the MAN trying to keep us down!!

Sorry, I'm in a wierd mood, had to say that.
Features suggested so far look pretty good.

Just the Johnny man tryin to keep us down!

Is that gonna be like usage or like a monthly bill?

Just the Johnny man tryin to keep us down!

Is that gonna be like usage or like a monthly bill?