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Photo album
To start a proper porn collection

I love IC photos, this is the first game where I've seen them done right. Problem is that maintaining a collection of them is painful, even more so sharing it with people. So I would love to have some sort of IC photo album, digital, or old fashion analog, where you could put photos into while giving them a nickname. And then you could easily browse and watch them.

Something like:

copy XYZ.img from camera into album (if digital) as Nicknme

paste photograph into album (if analog) as Nickname

look at album

1. My beloved Lucy

2. Lucy nude 1

3. Lucy nude 3

look "lucy nude 1" at album -> shows you the picture and follows the same ability to look at details as looking at photos alone.

And if the album is digital then would be aces to be able to then copy photos from one to another, like copy "lucy nude 1" from first album to second album. Or in case of an analog one just: rip "lucy nude 1" from album, which would produce a photograph object.

Then of course both types of albums can come in many flavors, quality of make, memory capacity etc. Heck, maybe even option to have the digital ones provide a slideshow and be placeable in rooms for everyone to look at, kinda like TV broadcast.


Loving this. Why did no one think of it before? :o

Actually someone did.

Re the other thread: briefcase just doesn't cut the mustard imo, trying to collect photos in a current way is hella annoying and, well, doesn't make much sense most of the time.
Implemented as files on e-note, as the plan has always been.