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Photos off Security Cameras
We have the technology.

I think the Nito-Kodak funcam system should be implemented into the security system of every camera with the installation of a separate security upgrade.

Remote Viewing and Photo Units would make great use of the rigging skill too. Photo recon without the danger of being there. :1337:

Would make for a very different WJF-Ops presence especially if remote viewing units could be set on patterns ala "go x y z", etc.

The additional units would need to be scanned into the applicable router and could have the print feature if an e-print were attached.

I dig it.

The cybernetic transcoder implant doesn't use rigging skill though, and shouldn't that be part of this security system idea?

Regarding the cybernetic transcoder: Really have always thought we should be able to Pull a Molly and Case. Current we can't scan the cybernetic transcoder to output to more than one rig, and therefor can't have someone sitting in the comfort of their cube viewing feeds from Molly and also from their security cameras.

The workaround to this is having molly on the phone with case while she views her security feeds and tells him what she sees. But not only is this way less cool, and not how Gibson did it (WWGD?), but it also creates problems when Molly gets into a fight and wants to use something less than her progia as a blunt weapon.

Maybe skullphones are next?