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Pick up damn you!
A couple more rings on phones

Can't count the amount of times I've mis-typed answer or prog and missed a call when I look away from the screen for a minute, could we get a few more rings before it hangs up?

Or, is it possible to have a coded ringer sound available that you can turn off/on? Like a trigger that makes a little ding when your browser shows the phone ringing?

Nothing game breaking here, obviously, but I think it would be nice.

Just make an automatic @macro that uses the ringing message as a trigger. Then set it to 'answer 1st gridphone' and 'wield 1st gridphone'. Maybe even add '-Hello?'.

Phone rings have been updated to include your name in what it shows you, so that you will get a ping. Third person point of view of others phones, remains unchanged.

How do pings work?

It's a setting in the webclient, go to the settings page after logging in to the website but before logging into the web client and you can change them. Or use @client-options / @client-options true

It will ping you if you are in another window/tab and your name appears.