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Player aliases

Many characters go by nicknames, introduce themselves to certain characters with an alias, or earn nicknames over time. Would there be any interest in being able to set an alias for other players to represent how your character knows them currently?

An example being a character doing a job introduces themself as "Mr. Pink" so all players involved in the job set the alias. For all intents and purposes the other players interact with a "Mr. Pink" until a situation arises IC that justifies removing or changing the alias.

A long time ago, players used to be able to give themselves an @alias.

It didn't work the way you say - it didn't change the name presented on screen. But it did let other players use a different "handle" to target them. This feature was removed, I think there was some kind of abuse happening.

This thread has an idea at the end which is similar, though maybe for different reasons, to your own.

Yeah i think tying it to disguises is a good analogy, but I was more thinking it would be the other way around. Such that a player can set it for other players/npcs that they interact with to aid with interactions. i.e to use the I.e. it might show up as Mike (Mr. Pink) and be targetable by the alias.