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Player Made Content in the Archives

Just playing with the Archives system again, and had a thought.

NLM production scripts, song names, etc, should be available to view (maybe after some kinda NDA time) view in the Archives. Would allow for kaorake/covers of old songs, reading of player made content that isn't necessarily in rotation.

Same goes for news broadcasts, etc, as some kinda newspaper script but that is more finnicky and regular.

They would fit into the current Archive shelve descriptions and it would make me very happy.

So, the archives are more or less player managed so it's up to NLM employees to capture that footage. In addition, there may or may not a similarly designed location elsewhere in the game for logging such events in a IC fashion.

Ideally, I think the best bet would be make the ability to log data into a compatible system more widely available for retaining said data.

Good to know! Just was seeing descriptions in Archives of books of past NLM productions, for instance, and thought it may be a good place, but I will explore IC